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Aquarium Gravel Cleaner (Large)

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Product description

If you're tired of struggling with water changes and debris buildup in your aquarium, the Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Aquarium Gravel Cleaner is here to make your life easier! This large-sized cleaner is perfect for aquariums ranging from 20-55 gallons, so you can keep your underwater world sparkling clean. Here are some key features that make this cleaner a must-have:

  • - Quick and easy water changes: Say goodbye to messy buckets and endless scooping - the Aqueon Siphon Vacuum makes water changes a breeze!
  • - Self-priming technology: No more fussing with complicated pumps or siphons. Simply use an up and down motion to start the water flow and let the cleaner do the work
  • - Debris separation: The Aqueon Siphon Vacuum is designed to efficiently separate debris from gravel, so your aquarium stays clean and healthy
  • - Handy clip included: Keep your drain hose securely attached to a bucket with the included clip - no more accidental spills or leaks!
  • - Natural balance maintenance: Regular cleaning with the Aqueon Siphon Vacuum helps maintain a natural balance in your aquarium environment, so your fish and plants can thrive
  • - Time-saving tool: With its efficient design and easy-to-use features, this gravel cleaner will save you time and hassle in maintaining your aquarium
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Aquarium Gravel Cleaner (Large)