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Iron & Manganese Freshwater Plant Supplement

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When it comes to your freshwater plant babies, you want to give them the best nutrients to help them grow big and strong. That's where Aqueon Iron & Manganese Fresh Water Plant Supplement comes in! Packed with iron, manganese, potassium, and other micronutrients, this supplement will have your plants looking like they just got back from a spa day. Plus, it doesn't contain any pesky phosphates or nitrates that could lead to unwanted algae growth.

  • - Specifically designed for freshwater plants
  • - Convenient dosage cap included for easy measuring
  • - 8.7 fl. oz. bottle means you'll have plenty of supplement to go around
  • - Helps promote healthy root growth and overall plant health
  • - Easy-to-use formula ensures you won't accidentally overfeed your plants
  • - Perfect for beginner and experienced plant parents alike!
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Iron & Manganese Freshwater Plant Supplement